The Living River

The Living River Plan is the result of a six-year effort by the Truckee River Flood Project's Community Coalition. Developing the community preferred "Living River Plan" involved more than 500 meetings and 20,000 volunteer hours. Members of the coalition put forth a tremendous effort to arrive at a plan that was ultimately accepted community-wide. This involved a great deal of negotiating, understanding and mutual compromise. In March 2006 the coalition agreed on the community's preferred flood management plan, "The Living River Plan," that includes a variety of flood protection measures. These measures include a river parkway with graded benches and terraces designed to slow flood waters, levees and flood walls that protect buildings adjacent to the river, realigning the North Truckee Drain, and acquiring open space and a detention pond. The Truckee River Flood Project presented this plan to the US Army Corps of Engineers with the intent that this plan is ultimately authorized and funded by Congress.

Living River Plan Book Version 2.2 (43.6 MB, may take a few minutes to download) - click here


Key Elements Of The Truckee River Flood Control Plan

  • Creation of a terraced river parkway
  • Restoration or replacement of the bridges and flood walls in downtown Reno
  • Replacement of the Sparks industrial area levee and construction of a levee from Highway 395 and McCarran on the south side of the river
  • Terracing the river channel at Vista Blvd. to reduce flood levels
  • Restoration of the Truckee River between Vista Blvd. and Wadsworth to create a healthier river, improving water quality and channel stability



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