Living River Parkway

Living River Parkway aerial view 3.09
Project Location: US 395 to the Vista Narrows- 
Project Overview: Geotechnical investigation 
(boring, logging and analysis) of the 
proposed flood elements between US 395 and 
the east side of Sparks
Timeline: In progress- began June 2009, 
completion Spring 2010
Total Costs: $1.6 Million 
This includes $629,000 of American Recovery 
& Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funds 
Contracting Agency:  U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Contact(s): Roger Henderson, Army Corps of Engineers
916-557-5378 or
Contractor(s): Kleinfelder

Drilling:  Water Development Corporation (WDC)

Right of Entry:  Property Specialists, Inc.

Utility Location:  Cruz Brothers Locators

Laboratory:  Vector Engineering, Inc.

Surveying:  GA Engineering and Planning

Archeological Services:  Parus Consulting, Inc.


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