FY 08/09 Accomplishments 

 -102 Ranch Restoration
 -Lockwood Restoration
 -Reno-Sparks Indian Colony

Other TRAction Project Milestones-
 -Reno Bridges Feasibility-Visioning
 -Hidden Valley Feasibility
 -North Truckee Drain Feasibility
 -Lower Mustang Feasibility

 -Selected preferred Flood Project Governance Model
 -Drafted SB 175 JPA/Rates
 -Drafted AB54 Section 2 - Paying for floodproofing
 -Completed 75% of flood funding study
 -Obtained grants (Q-1, BOR)
 -Awarded $600,000 in Economic Stimulus funds

 -Assistant Secretary of the Army Woodley Tour
 -No Adverse Impacts "Takings Seminar"
 -25 Flood Funding Study Presentations CABs, NABs andothers
 -Assoc. of State Floodplain Managers Conference

Locally Preferred Plan
Fish Passage Plan
Recreation Plan
Produced Living River Map book

Special Projects
 -Hydrologic Model
 -Flood Storage Mitigation Ordinance

2007 Accomplishments 

TRAction Projects - Invested in fast-tracking essential elements of the flood project.

  • City of Sparks - North Truckee Drain: feasibility and design - $780,000
  • City of Reno - Downtown Reno Bridges: feasibility study for six downtown bridges - $600,000
  • Washoe County - Hidden Valley Project: feasibility and design - $235,000
  • Reno-Sparks Indian Colony: RSIC Levee Project - $1,700,000

Public Safety

  • Changed the level of flood protection in the Locally Preferred Plan from 100-year flood protection to 117-year flood protection
  • Hosted "Flood Expo" event in November, 2006 on flood awareness and safety; 25 local, state and federal agencies participated, event attended by 500 citizens
  • Hosted Flood Safety and Awareness Booth, Reno Home Show, October, 2006
  • Sponsored Public Safety "Flood Awareness and Safety" bus ad campaign, November, 2006 through January, 2007
  • Sponsored Public Safety "Flood Awareness and Safety" radio campaign, December, 2006

Collaborative Efforts

  • Refined the Virginia Street Bridge plan
  • Worked with the Army Corps of Engineers on credit for 6,700 acre-feet of water
  • Participated in the Natural Resource Plan and identified opportunities to increase open space and enhance the river parkway element of the flood project
  • Created Real Estate Project Delivery Team to facilitate land acquisition crediting process with the Army Corps of Engineers

River Restoration - Funds for eco-system and river restoration

  • $5 Million from the State of Nevada for Truckee River Restoration Projects

Land Acquisitions - Parcels acquired during 2006-07 fiscal year

  • 4701 Mill Street (Ferrari Property) - 23+ acres, $5,310,000
  • 5205 Mill Street (Excel Building) - 8+ acres and 45,000 square-foot office building $8,000,000
  • 1725 S. McCarran (Bristlecone) - 14+ acres and six buildings $4,100,000
  • 17 Lockwood - 1 acre with structure, $365,000

Public Outreach Efforts

  • Flood Project Director presented the Keynote speech at Army Corps of Engineers Regional Planning Conference, South Pacific Division
  • Hosted Public Workshop in January on flood mitigation in Critical Flood Zone #1
  • Sponsored a public meeting in March regarding the Virginia Street Bridge
  • Sponsored the stakeholders meetings in April with Hidden Valley residents
  • Displayed the Flood Project's Information Booth and brochures at five Washoe County libraries and in the lobby of the Nevada State Legislature in Carson City
  • Presented Legal Seminar on the "Takings Doctrine" in May, 2007


  • Bronze award for the Government Website at the 2007 Summit Creative Award. Competed against sites from 23 countries; international judging - April 2007
  • Acknowledged for "Best Practice for Citizen Involvement," by the Harvard University's Ash Institute for Democratic Governance and Innovation at the John F. Kennedy School of Government - December 2006

2006 Accomplishments

Corps of Engineers Coordination

  • Developed relationships with Assistant Secretary of the Army J.P. Woodley, Colonel Ron Light, Sacramento District Engineer, and Brandon Muncy, Chief, Programs and Projects Branch. Arranged a community dinner and breakfast for Col. Light and ASA Woodley. Visited ASA Woodley and senior Corps staff in Washington, D.C.
  • Conducted a joint Project Tour, Bridge Tour, post-New Year's Day Flood Tour, and visit to the State Historic Preservation Office in Carson City;
  • Participated in two Corps Project Review Boards and approximately 24 project review team meetings in Sacramento
  • Successfully lobbied for full FY06 congressional appropriation for the Corps

Outreach and Public Awareness

  • Initiated Flood Project Monthly Report
  • Initiated Flood Project News bulletin (semi-monthly)
  • Initiated Flood Project E-Updates (bi-weekly)
  • Initiated Flood Awareness Week and Flood Preparedness Seminar
  • Developed website
  • Developed Flood Project Website
  • Made 50-60 presentations to organizations on the Flood Plan
  • Held Community Coalition Workshop at the Hilton to approve the "Living River Plan"
  • Held approximately 16 meetings of the Working Group
  • Participated in approximately 25 TV interviews; met with print reporters frequently
  • Participated in technical panels, presentations and tours for the Truckee River Symposium, the AWRA Truckee River Tour, two Spark's Flood Workshops, SCR 26 Legislative Committee, the Federal Interagency River Processes conference, and Washoe County's Leadership Academy

Emergency Response

  • Worked with team to track development of three floods
  • Prepared flood-inundation maps to predict impacts of flooding
  • Staffed regional EOC and responded to three floods (the 50-year, 10-year, and 5-year)
  • Participated in regional emergency exercise in Emmitsburg, Maryland
  • Participated in the Emergency Management Council


  • Initiated the Flood Project Coordinating Committee (FPCC) with 22 members, established bylaws and FPCC agenda process, and added a 23rd representative
  • Hired Flood Project Director, formed new Department, authorized additional staff, hired staff, moved into offices
  • Held 13 FPCC meetings and 4 field trips/helicopter tours
  • Initiated the FPCC Finance Subcommittee
  • Initiated the Flood Project Technical Advisory Committee

New Initiatives

  • Worked with Senator Reid's staff to pass legislation to address the benefit-cost issues for downtown Reno and to obtain credit for the contribution of 6700 ac-ft of water rights to the flood project
  • Completed the "balancing act" process with the Working Group to refine proposal for additional upstream storage (Huffaker Detention Facility) to reduce predicted downstream flood impacts
  • Formally adopted the Community Coalition's "Living River Plan" as the locally preferred plan
  • Initiated the Truckee River Action Projects (TRAction) to start project construction early and to obtain federal reimbursement through the Corps' Section 104 process
  • Developed a Life Cycle cost for project and researched new funding options
  • Conducted Public Opinion Survey regarding locally preferred funding options

Land Acquisition

  • Adopted the Land Acquisition Plan
  • Purchased UNR's Mill and McCarran Property (60 acres)
  • Purchased 85 N. Edison Way (1 acre)
  • Purchased 105 N. Edison Way (1 acre)
  • Purchased 195 N. Edison Way (1 acre)
  • Signed Agreement to purchase Monday Property (17 Lockwood - 1 acre)
  • Signed Agreement to purchase Excel Property (8 acres)
  • Signed Agreement to purchase Catholic Diocese Property (14 acres)
  • Signed Agreement to purchase Ferrari Property (22 acres)
  • Assisted The Nature Conservancy with purchase agreement on the 102 Ranch (128 acres)
  • Initiated process to purchase a portion of UNR Farms (60 acres), a portion of Butler Ranch (800 acres), and 5 other properties.



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